Héctor Lozano / Rebecca Beltrán

The Book of Merlí
(El libro de Merlí)

Commercial Non-Fiction

Publisher: Grijalbo


ISBN: 9788425354588

This is an interactive book in which teens can learn philosophy and get to know themselves better by answering Merlí’s questions.

Substitute philosophy professor Merlí Bergeron chooses a group of high-school students to be the 21st-century Peripatetics. As if he were a new Aristotle, he teaches them to question things, to reflect… but his sarcastic and irritating personality is controversial at school, because not all teachers are willing to put up with him. The Book of Merlí gathers the axioms and situations that have made the biggest impression on viewers, as well as the philosophical teachings covered in the first season of the show. An original and unique book, where Merlí will become each reader’s personal tutor.

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