Carolina Andújar

The Mermaid’s Awakening
(El despertar de la sirena)

Young Adult Literature

Publisher: Montena

Publish date: 10-10-2016


ISBN: 9789585964402

A love as turbulent as the sea, a mermaid’s song that seduces, that illuminates and tricks, like the sea.

 Three hundred years have passed since that last time that Jūratė, the cursed mermaid, swam the waters of the Baltic Sea. And now it is time for her to return to the surface to find a new lover…


Though there are few things that frighten her as much as the sea, Casandra decides to travel by boat across the Finnish sea to visit her grandmother, Marion, on the Baltic coast. During the journey, she discovers that love comes in many forms and that it is not always true. She will also confront a thousand year old curse that will put her life and courage on trial.

The narration emphasizes human nature, the greatest fears and ambitions, and reveals certain characteristics and attitudes that many will identify with.



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