Vanesa Pérez-Sauquillo / Sara Sánchez

Small Big Steps: Each Animal to its Own Potty
(Cada animal con su orinal (Grandes pasitos. Álbum ilustrado))

Early Readers


ISBN: 9788448849757

This is the book that will help kids make nappies a thing of the past and learn to use the potty.


In this story, parents will come across a series of nappy-wearing trials, depicted with a splice of fun to help them get their kids to ditch the nappy and start comfortably, effectively and happily using the potty.


The IDEAL book

for making nappies a thing of the past.

In the jungle where I live,

we’ve started using potties!


A collection

to accompany your kids as they take


in the first years

of their lives.

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