Katya Adaui

There are Icebergs Here
(Aquí hay icebergs)

Literary Fiction

Publish date: 06-03-2017


ISBN: 9786124271236

A collection of stories that describe the relationships between family members and friends when the established norms could be broken at any moment.

There Are Icebergs Here is a collection of stories, but also of broken emotions. The breakdown can happen on a walk along the beach after Christmas; when reliving the places and memories that make up the family consciousness; over a tense coffee between mother and daughter; in the company of friends when a psychopathic game arises; or during the rare exchange between two submissive neighbors. In every case, in every story, an emotion is put to the test and broken until only one truth remains, or rather, the autopsy of a truth.


Katya Adaui has found beauty in these cold moments and has done so with a significant arsenal of narrative devices: grammatical inversions, borrowing from the theatre and the simple skill for finding a poetry in our sadness that can sustain our lives.

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