Victoria Dana

Whither Thou Goest, I Shall Go
(A donde tú vayas, iré)

Literary Fiction

Publisher: Lumen

Publish date: 10-01-2016


ISBN: 9786073148573

A captivating novel that portrays life in the Jewish quarter of Damascus in the early 19th century.

Damascus, 1910. The Sham houses the vibrant Jewish community in Damascus, whose ancient traditions and culture thrive in the twisting Syrian corridors. Latife is a beautiful woman who lives in the Sham, where she finds happiness and love in the home of a rich benefactor who takes her in afer her parents’ disappearance. A novel that rescues the voices of those who managed to adopt the customs of their new home without losing their country’s deeprooted traditions, and that today constitute a dynamic community that bears witness to the cultural mark it has traced in Mexico.

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