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Marta Juste / Arancha Bustillo
Low Cost Living

(Vivir low cost)

Business & Economics / Commercial Non-Fiction

  • Published: 17/11/2011
  • ISBN: 9788493914530
  • 224 pages

Did you know that it is possible to organize a low cost wedding? Or that you can contract a low cost car insurance? The easy access to information that Internet provides gives all the power to us, the consumers. Vivir low cost wants to give us the keys so that we can take full advantage of this power and apply it to every aspect of our lives.

About the author

Arancha Bustillo & Marta Juste were born 31 and 26 years ago, respectively, in Madrid. Their paths crossed at the website Expansión. Both of them were used to live with a small budget and from their experiences they decided to open a blog (Vida Low Cost) that has had a huge success.