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Sereno Moreno
My Life

(Vida mía)

Coloring book / Commercial Non-Fiction / Lifestyle

  • Published: 17/03/2017
  • ISBN: 9786073151795
  • 96 pages

This original adult coloring book is a trip to Mexico where grownups add the color, as they explore the magnificence of Mexican culture. With each page, they will have an opportunity for peace and serenity, with an activity that allows them to disconnect from all their responsibilities, obligations and worries and have a little “me” time.   Come on an extraordinary voyage alongside animal sculptures, piñatas, lottery tickets, marbles, Monarch butterflies, tiles, sugar skulls, marigold flowers and festive hand-cut paper banners.

About the author

MEXICO – Sereno Moreno is a proudly Mexican brand devoted to telling stories through adult coloring books. Its main inspiration is the richness and diversity of Mexican culture.