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Sara Fratini
Martina and Her Monster

(Una tal Martina y su monstruo)

Graphic Novel

  • Published: 02/05/2016
  • ISBN: 9788426403582

The day-to-day life of Martina Rossetto, a pudgy young woman who is more than happy with her body. Martina Rossetto is a young freelance photographer who is very pleased with her curves, her wild hair and the company of her little domesticated monster. Martina always wears red lipstick; she dances, does yoga and, sometimes, she goes a little wild. In this book she talks about feminism, the fascinating world of the freelancer, about girlfriends, and about love, all with her own special style. Sara Fratini has created a character who, with seemingly simple depth, teaches us how to tame those fears that are holding us back.

About the author

Sara Fratini runs her own social media where she posts one new illustration every day. She also works as founder and organizer of the International Film Festival La Guarimba in Amantea, Italy.