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Anamar Orihuela
Transforming The Wounds Of Your Childhood

(Transforma las heridas de tu infancia)

Commercial Non-Fiction / Science / Self-Help / Inspirational

  • Published: 01/09/2016
  • ISBN: 9786073147187
  • 192 pages

For children, life is a constant search for knowledge and stability, discoveries and big emotions. Their environment affects their physical and mental development in various ways as they receive an education, love, understanding and values and may also be burdened by repressed feelings, family violence, destructive models, and pain.   This book offers readers the best tools for alleviating those childhood wounds that affect our adult habits and decisions. With acceptance, love, understanding and the ability to assume responsibilities without guilt, fears become clarity; resentment becomes tolerance; and anguish becomes boundless love. Here readers learn how to face abandonment, humiliation, and rejection, and come away with convictions of how to be happy and move forward decisively.

About the author

MEXICO – Anamar Orihuela (Meixco) is a Gestalt psychotherapist using transactional analysis and specialized in the “inner child.” She is a philosopher, public speaker and leader of many workshops and courses, particularly dealing with childhood wounds and self-esteem. She is the analyst for Martha Debayle’s successful show on W Radio, and appears on radio and television programs such as Diálogos en confianza, Hoy con MARISA, Efekto Noticias, Trend in boga, and TVC Mujeres, among others. She works with personal growth and development groups. She leads the successful workshop “Healing The 5 Wounds Of Childhood,” which has helped more than 10,000 people work on their childhood pain.