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Ana Punset
The Red Sneakers Club 3: All for One Dream

(El Club de las Zapatillas Rojas 3. Todo por un sueño)

Children and Young Adult / Middle - Grade Books

  • Published: 01/02/2016
  • ISBN: 9788490432679
  • 224 pages

What happened at Summer Camp? Now that they are back from Cádiz, the Red Sneakers Club seems to be over... Lucía, Bea, Frida and Marta, hardly speak to one another and none of them are willing to take the first step towards reconciliation! The reason? Boys. Each one of them is so focused on their own love story (or lack of story) that they’ve all forgotten about their promise to put their friendship before anything else. What if it’s too late?

Rights sold

  • Portugal: Penguin Random House