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Camucha Escobar
Land In Shadows

(Tierra en sombras)

Historical Novel / Women's Fiction

  • Published: 01/02/2016
  • ISBN: 9789506443696
  • 416 pages

1838. The lands of Pergamino, Argentina, are witness to cruel, dark events; hate and rancor leave bloodstains on the honor of the traditional local families. With Juan Manuel de Rosas at the forefront of the tyranny, a bloody conflict breaks out between Unitarians and Federalists. The result is a bitter battle that casts its shadow on the local families. At the heart of one of those families is María de la Cruz. Her Aunt Matilde guides her with affection and patience to meet Facundo Godoy, a boy whose face was disfigured by fire. But in her, he finds the balsam for his wounds, and true love. A story of Indians, their raids, of those with Spanish and Italian roots, and an overwhelming love story.  

About the author

Camucha Escobar completed National Teacher Training in English. A lifelong fan of stories, literature, and especially novels, she began writing professionally in 2007. Since then her work has earned her numerous awards on the municipal, provincial, national and international levels.