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Juana Inés Dehesa


Comic / Humor

  • Published: 01/10/2016
  • ISBN: 9786073148610
  • 200 pages

Unlike our parents, who got married right out of college, had kids soon after, and were thrown into the thankless world of sleepless nights, pediatrician bills, and children’s parties, we chose to postpone the process for a while and explore the professional world without the pressures of having to support and care for a family. We are big slackers into our thirties and still live alone; basically, acting like teenagers. Until our best friend—or sister, or cousin— announces that she’s pregnant. And that’s when we begin our new journey, learning all about the world of aunthood.

About the author

Juana Inés is a novelist, essayist, editor and public relations guru. She is a consultant on cultural subjects, author of the novels Pink Doll and Rebel Doll, and a weekly columnist for the newspaper Reforma.