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Estel Solé
If I Can’t Fly

(Si no puc volar)

Commercial Fiction / Women's Fiction

  • Published: 19/05/2016
  • ISBN: 9788416430062
  • 208 pages

A love story about human relationships and how the theater can be a mirror allowing us to know ourselves better, and helping us make some important decisions. Ànnia is about to turn forty. Recently fired from her job as a journalist, she is currently walking her snobbish neighbors’ dogs for a living. She is slowly gaining weight and she still wears animal print underwear as if she were a teenager. Her life is a complete mess. After getting divorced because of her infertility issues, she moves in with her grandfather: the only man with whom she could truly live. During the move, she discovers her ex-husband’s best kept secret in one of the boxes, a lie that lasted the duration of their marriage. But today is Saturday and she’s getting together with her friends to have a cookout and go to the theater to see Companion Animals. The performance has a transformative effect on them all, especially Ànnia and Max, Annia´s best friend, who’s come back from London to confess to her that he needs her by his side, like a companion animal.

About the author

SPAIN – Estel Solé (Molins de Rei, 1987) has both the talent and the personality to stand out amongst today’s Catalan literature. Her honest but funny novel portrays the miseries of a neurotic, unhappy and shameless woman, who is struggling to fit into modern Barcelona. A young playwright, poet and actress, Estel Solé bursts onto the literary scene with this fresh and poignant novel. It also references the first play she wrote, Companion Animals (2012), within the story. Her strength and skill are demonstrated in an original plot and complex characters that are recognizably human.