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Pere Estupinyà
S=EX2. The Science of Sex

(S=Ex2. La ciencia del sexo)

Commercial Non-Fiction / Divulgation

  • Published: 04/04/2013
  • ISBN: 9788499922386
  • 488 pages

Estupinyà interviewed experts, scientists and tried many activities in order to do this book, which is aimed at a wide audience and goes beyond the usual evolutionist psychology and the well-worn advice of sexual education. This is an innovative scientific approach to sex and sexuality that will revolutionise the minds of experts and laymen.

About the author

Pere Estupinyà is a chemist and biochemist. He has worked at the National Health Institutes in Washington DC, and as an editor of the television program Redes on TVE. He also worked as a con-sultant for the Organization of American States and the Inter-American Development Bank.

Rights sold

  • USA: Springer US
  • Portugal: Marcador Editora
  • Germany: Random House Verlag