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Payunia City

(Payunia city)

Graphic Novel

  • Published: 01/04/2016
  • ISBN: 9789500755283
  • 96 pages

Payunia City is a comic strip that reflects contemporary society in a modern fable that uses animals to stand in for people. The name refers to a nature reserve in Mendoza, Argentina, called “La Payunia,” where various species of wild animals (guanaco, llamas, pumas, foxes, flamingos, rheas, three-banded armadillos) are protected and live alongside domesticated animals (goats, cows, and horses) owned by caretakers

About the author

Chanti (Santiago González Riga) is a well-known cartoonist, humorist and graphic designer. Young readers know him best for his strip “Facu y Café con Leche” published in La Valijita. In 2005 his comic “Mayor y menor” won the Santa Clara de Asís Award.