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Amy Lab
Never say never

(Nunca digas nunca)

Children and Young Adult / Young Adult Literature

  • Published: 05/05/2016
  • ISBN: 9788420484075
  • 424 pages

Jacq’s life takes a tragic and unexpected turn when he loses his parents and is forced to move to a village at Madrid Mountains. While trying to recover, she will have to adapt to a foreign country and a group of strangers, including Samuel. She soon gain the confidence of the group excepting Samuel. But, what happens to this guy? What is his secret? Evenings in the bar, laughing at the lake and evening parties will become their daily lives, but after that there is a secret that everyone knows but nobody seems to want to reveal it. Every gesture is a signal: each piece of the past a track to follow…and Jacq’s time is running out. Will be able to join all the pieces of the mystery?

About the author

Amy Lab is the creative pseudonym of Maria Cereijo and Ana Alejandro, two young writers who arrived in bookstores for the first time in 2012 with Never say never. Ana, Madrid linguist who went to Beijing in search of adventure; a bold writer with a light pen and an original and own world that is willing to share. Maria, Madrid journalist who left the world of television, which worked for years to devote herself to her true passion: writing.