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Alessandra Neymar
Look At Me and Shoot

(Mírame y dispara)

Children and Young Adult / Young Adult Literature

  • Published: 24/05/2012
  • ISBN: 9788484418788
  • 432 pages

An intense story of a love-hate relationship between two teenagers, an arranged marriage and a fight between two families for an antivirus...

Kathia Carusso, a teenage girl from the elite Italian aristocracy, returns to Rome after spending many years away at a boarding school. There she meets Cristianno Gabbana, a member of the famous family with which he has never had a good relationship. Cristianno is devastatingly attractive, impulsive, and doesn’t concern himself with much other than fights with other gangs and flirting with long-legged girls. Starting at school, Kathia and Cristanno will soon find that the share not only the same classes but also the same group of friends. What starts as hatred will lead to another sort of tension altogether. And finally when the two bravely accept their true feelings, they must negotiate obstacles that they never would have imagined...

About the author

Alessandra Neymar was born in Jaén, Spain in 1987. She won the Ellas Young Romance prize with her first novel Look at Me and Shoot.