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Ana Lilia Pérez
Seas of Cocaine

(Mares de cocaína)

Narcos & Co.

  • Published: 01/11/2014
  • ISBN: 9786073126359
  • 368 pages

80% of the drugs consumed all over the world are transported by sea. Why is the narco business the most globalized of any in the world? How have the traffickers gained access to oceans, seas, ships, oil rigs and ports of entry? «There is no port in the world that the mafias can’t get through,» explains a British intelligence agent.   The author reveals the structure that allows drugs to reach every corner of the world: from Mexican users to those in elegant New York neighborhoods, from regular visitors on the Côte d'Azur to the boulevards of Paris and the towns on the Mediterranean coast, from young surfers in Australia to impoverished African lookouts, from German junkies to British hooligans, from Nordic neophytes to the gondoliers in Venice...

About the author

MEXICO- ANA LILIA PÉREZ (Mexico City) specializes in financial journalism and history. She has been a correspondent for the newspaper Milenio and the magazine Milenio Semanal, while also contributing to the newspapers La Jornada, El Financiero, Excélsior and Novedades, and the magazines Cambio and Amigos de Bellas Artes, as well as the magazines Contralínea and Fortuna.


Awards: Third prize for the “Latin America and Millennium Development Goals” Journalism Award, winner of National Journalism Prize (awarded by the Mexican Journalists’ Club, 2008-09), the VII Mexican Journalism Award, and the Leipziger Medienpreis.