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Eduardo Suárez / María Ramírez
Marco Rubio and the Hispanic Moment

(Marco Rubio y la hora de los hispanos)

Biographies and Personalities / Commercial Non-Fiction

  • Published: 14/01/2016
  • ISBN: 9788499925707
  • 224 pages

Marco Rubio is the first Hispanic person in history with a serious chance of reaching the White House. He is the son of immigrants who fled misery in Cuba before Castro’s rise to power and stumbled on their path to the American Dream. His career path perfectly symbolizes the rise of the Hispanic community, and allows the authors to paint a portrait of both a young, ambitious politician and the young, ambitious community he represents, to offer a multi-faceted image of the most important country in the world and the role Hispanics play within it.

About the author

Eduardo Suárez was a correspondent for the newspaper El Mundo in London, New York, and Brussels, and is one of the founders of El Español. He is the author of El rastro del Exxon Valdez (2014). He was awarded the Gabriel García Márquez Prize for the finest Spanish-language feature story of the year, (2014).
María Ramírez is deputy director and founder of El Español, and a political analyst on Univision News. She has covered three US presidential campaigns and has written La Carrera: retrato de diez candidatos cuyo ascenso marca el futuro de América.