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Javier Allard de Landa
Luna's Eyes and the End of the Comets

(Los ojos de Luna y el fin de los cometas)

Children and Young Adult / Young Adult Literature

  • Published: 16/03/2015
  • ISBN: 9786073129718
  • 264 pages

Who am I? Where do I come from? What do I believe? What is love? How far can I go? Luna will find the answers to these questions as she travels around Europe looking for the prophecy that is awaiting her.

Luna hides a mystery, and this mystery would be a matter of life or death for some people. This secret has forced her to live isolated all her life, but the time has come for Luna to escape from anonymity. In her escape she will discover her identity, her love, and a whole world that had been denied to her. Being free will give her the opportunity to travel, to fall in love, to be self-sufficient and to fight for her dreams. But she will also meet with her captor and discover the inevitable disappointments of our world.

About the author


Javier Allard de Landa was born in Mexico City on 1980. He started writing at a young age and published his first novel, Hoy no me bañe at 24 years old. He’s an ontological coach as certified by The Newfield Network and he’s an industrial engineer for ITESM. He has studied in Germany, China and Spain and has a Masters in Management and Marketing and another in International Management of Products and Services. Additionally, he has collaborated with the academy as a degree and postgraduate lecturer and the academic director and creator and teacher in studies related to leadership and human development.