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Karina Velasco
The Colors of Love. Live Your Chakras and Have Healthy Relationships

(Los colores del amor. Vive tus chakras y ten relaciones saludables)

Commercial Non-Fiction / Self-Help / Inspirational

  • Published: 14/05/2014
  • ISBN: 9786073122955
  • 256 pages

A free, daring book that reveals the pros and cons of our erotic and spiritual relationships, and offers us a way to attain our highest spiritual color in order to fully experience our sexuality. Karina Velasco shares the stories of women she’s met on her travels, and each story reflects on how we experience love and sexuality when our energy centers or chakras are off-balance or in harmony.

About the author

Karina Velasco is certified as a yoga instructor by Yoga Works of Los Angeles (2010. In addition to her work as a television host in such events as the Latin Grammy Awards, Premio Lo Nuestro and Premios Juventud for Televisa, she has also appeared as a holistic nutritionist and natural chef on television programs and in magazines such as Elle, Runner’s World, Fuera Kilos as well as online publications.