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Miguel de León
The Lost Loves

(Los amores perdidos)

Commercial Fiction / Historical Novel

  • Published: 01/01/2016
  • 608 pages

How far should we go for love, and how much can we give without getting anything in return? The love story between Arturo Quíner and Alejandra Minéo hides a dark side whose roots go back to the time just after the Spanish Civil War. Through a voyage in time, the reader will meet sinister characters who grew rich in the shadow of the war’s victors and criminals protected by the regime. A story of anonymous women who fought through very tough years to give their families a good life, and their companions: men who were tormented, heroic and not always silent witnesses. These are the characters that people this story and bring it to life.

About the author

Miguel de León worked as a computer programmer and analyst, and was a commercial manager in an important national company. In 1991 he left to open up a small business that has supported him since then. Los amores perdidos is his first published novel, although he has devoted time to two other novels and a collection of short stories.

Rights sold

  • Bulgaria: Karagozor