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Juan Miguel Zunzunegui
Madness and Reason

(Locura y razón)

Commercial Fiction / Historical Novel

  • Published: 18/09/2015
  • ISBN: 9786073134866
  • 280 pages

In the late 19th century, Paris was bustling at the artistic height of the Belle Époque, with writers living the bohemian life, music and the Moulin Rouge. It is there that José Miurá and Elizabeth Limantour meet and fall in love, but their decision to follow separate paths comes at a high price. Locura y razón tells of their ups and downs, which culminate in the creation of a universe where, in the end, the only thing that matters is the search for redemptive, loving madness. The novel is set against a backdrop of Mexican and European history, of revolution, political betrayals and covert power struggles for control over oil assets.

About the author

Juan Miguel Zunzunegui is a communication theorist, researcher and PhD in humanities. He has published some 300 articles on a wide range of subjects including adventure tourism, world and Mexican history, politics, religion and international current events. He has published the successful Mexican Independence Trilogy, made up of El misterio del águila, La diosa y la serpiente and La caída del dragón, the bestseller Los mitos que nos dieron traumas, the historical novel Los cimientos del cielo and the essay La tiranía de las ideas.

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