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Miguel Gutiérrez
The Adventures of Mister Bauman de Metz and Other Stories

(Las aventuras del señor Bauman de Metz y otras historias)

Literary Fiction

  • Published: 01/05/2015
  • ISBN: 9786124244322
  • 328 pages

Las aventuras del señor Bauman de Metz y otras historias collects 12 stories that trace a cartography of the great themes and characters of Miguel Gutiérrez, an emblematic writer of 20th-century Peruvian prose. These include the erratic life of Kymper, a former communist guerrilla fighter haunted by his past; the tender passion of Xóchitl, who is unremorseful in her incestuous relationship with her brother Wenceslao; the eventful political activism of Mister Bauman de Metz, a French fugitive from the failed Paris Commune, and the youthful memories of Primorosa Villar, who was given up by her father in exchange for fighting cocks.

About the author

Miguel Gutiérrez is one of the most widely read and discussed Peruvian novelists. He is the author of El viejo saurio se retira, La violencia del tiempo, El mundo sin Xóchitl, Confesiones de Tamara Fiol, Una pasión latina and Kymper, among others. He has also written essay collections.