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Juan Sebastián Gaviria
The Sale

(La venta)

Literary Fiction

  • Published: 01/10/2015
  • ISBN: 9789588894638
  • 162 pages

Ronnie has earned himself a reputation, and a fortune, through the buying and selling of precious stones and stolen objects. His assistant, Julio, helps him out with the job. They receive a visit from a man with an intriguing proposal: a two-million-dollar offer for them to purchase Che Guevara’s embalmed hands. Minutes later, the man is gunned down at the building’s exit. Convinced that his murder is related to the sale, Ronnie and Julio seek to get rid of the hands, but not before confirming their origin. The author builds a philosophical thriller that explores the nature of human moral and economical values

About the author

Juan Sebastián Gaviria was expelled from an American military academy at the age of 17. His years as a wanderer in South American highways are registered in more than 700 poems compiled in Cicatriz souvenir. At the age of 23 he embarked on a motorbike journey to Alaska which would turn into a cruise throughout the Americas, as told in his autobiographical novel Brújulas rotas.