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Alejandro Reyes
The Queen of Roma Cinema

(La reina del cine Roma)

Literary Fiction

  • Published: 07/03/2013
  • ISBN: 9786073115407

The Queen of Roma Cinema is a real-life portrait ofthe Brazilian underworld. An unforgettable storyabout two kids who will never stop dreaming of atime when they will be loved. One day, their wayspart. But when they meet again, they will insist ontouching the limits of the only thing that has keptthem alive: hope.

About the author

At twenty-six, he published Delivery, his first novel,which will be adapted to cinema by Pol Mainat Sardà.He is also the author of El ghetto de las ocho puertas (2009) y Un caballero en el purgatorio (2012).

Rights sold

  • France: Denoel