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Silvia Plager
The Lady Rabbi

(La Rabina)

Commercial Fiction / Women's Fiction

  • Published: 01/04/2013
  • ISBN: 9789500742337
  • 432 pages

The late 60s. Esther Fainberg is a young Argentine woman living in New York with her husband, who owns a successful law office that she plans to join when she finishes her law degree. Her life seems perfect, but she suspects that it’s actually built on falsehoods. When she decides to dig deeper into her Jewish roots, it shakes up her entire family.

About the author

Silvia Plager is an Argentine writer known for her historical novels and self-help books, whose subjects and main characters are usually linked to the female world. She has written many works of fiction, including Amigas, Prohibido despertarA las escondidas, Alguien está mirando, Mujeres pudorosas and La baronesa de Fiuggi. Her historical novels include Nostalgias de MalvinasVernet, caballero de las islas —co-written with Elsa Fraga Vidal—, and La rabina. She also wrote a book of essays, Nosotras y la edad, and some humor books, Al mal sexo buena cara and Como papas para varenikes.