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Gabriel León
Pop Science

(La ciencia pop)

Commercial Non-Fiction / Science

  • Published: 01/05/2017
  • ISBN: 9789562624930
  • 204 pages

Why do good tomatoes not taste like anything? What have doves got to do with missiles and wars? What are genes made of? How was saccharine discovered? Can we say that water has memories and that plants are intelligent?

The Chilean scientist Gabriel León tackles these and other questions and gives entertaining and convincing answers so readers can discover a world that can sometimes be strange to us, and solve the secrets of our species and our planet on the way.

About the author

CHILE – Gabriel León is a biochemist and doctor of Cellular and Molecular Biology from the Catholic University of Chile. He is currently an academic and researcher at the Andrés Bello University (El Salvador) and the director of Science Communication Centre at the same institution. He is also a science columnist and contributor to the radio and written press.