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Enrique Planas


Literary Fiction

  • Published: 01/07/2015
  • 216 pages

Worn out and at the end of his rope, a cultural journalist meets Michiko, a young woman who evokes the world of manga and anime. This meeting transforms him, leading him into an alternate life of sexual exploration, fetishes and odd characters. However, the age difference between Michiko and the journalist is an obstacle: she wants to forge her own destiny while he is still waiting for superheroes to solve his problems. KimoKawaii is a tale about the obsessions and risks of heeding siren songs that, while alluring, can also be strange and disturbing.

About the author

Enrique Planas is a cultural journalist for the newspaper El Comercio. He has published the novels Orquídeas del paraíso, Alrededor de Alicia, Puesta en escena and Otros lugares de interés. In 2011 he was regarded by Guadalajara International Book Fair as one of the most promising authors in Latin American literature.