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Wendy Davies
Instant Karma

(Instant Karma)

Commercial Fiction / Inspirational Novel

  • Published: 01/02/2016
  • 350 pages

Have you ever felt lonely despite being surrounded by people? That is how Rin (an autistic boy) feels all the time. Which is why, without moving a muscle, he travels to his little planet where everything is perfect and he does not need anyone else. But when Via shows up on his planet, all logic and stability are thrown out of whack. Two pieces that do not fit together end up creating a new shape, where the only limit is that there are no limits. A tender, magical novel of a love so pure that it will capture your heart.

About the author

Wendy Davies is the penname of the authors of Instant Karma. As they say: “Wendy Davies is our homage to Wendy, to fairy tales, to magic, to the dreams that come true when you believe in them. If you want to find us, you only have to read our books and we will be there. Because, in a sense, we live enclosed in a book. And if you do not have any book close to you, you can always look for us on Facebook and Twitter.”

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