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Untameable (Diary of a Girl on Fire)



  • Published: 23/11/2017
  • ISBN: 9788490438800
  • 128 pages

Although you don’t say it aloud, you must have moments when you’d like to set fire to something. Metaphorically speaking (or maybe not). Don’t worry – you’re not alone.  

In this illustrated diary, you’ll find the thoughts and reflections of @SrtsBebi, one of the most irreverent voices on Twitter. These are truths that hit home and sometimes rhyme as well.
Her previous poetry book, Amor y Asco, has sold more than 45,000 copies.

About the author

@SrtaBebi is the pseudonym of the most controversial and anonymous person on Twitter right now. This twenty‐something girl not only has a lot to say: she knows how to say it and say it well. Her book Amor y Asco has sold more than 45,000 copies since November 2016.