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Imanol Caneyada
Under Arrest

(Hotel de arraigo)

Commercial Fiction / Thriller

  • Published: 23/04/2015
  • ISBN: 9786071136909
  • 236 pages

Arnulfo Lizárraga, an agent in the anti-kidnapping unit, is struggling as the breadwinner of a typical middle-class family. Gabriel García is a bored teenager, the only child of a businessman with ties to power. When Arnulfo is accused of having criminal ties, he is demoted and ends up in custody, just as Gabriel is kidnapped. Their lives then interconnect in a maelstrom of betrayal and violence that threatens to veer out of control. Hotel de arraigo deals with the mistakes, coincidences and absurdity in human relationships, in a climate where personal ambitions become  complicated by corruption, lies and greed.

About the author

Imanol Caneyada is a journalist and author from the Basque Country who has lived in Mexico for the last 23 years. He has published the short-story collections La ciudad antes del alba, La nariz roja de Stalin and the novels Un camello en el ojo de la aguja, Tardarás un rato en morir, Las paredes desnudas, and Espectáculo para avestruces.