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Aleix Saló
Children of the 80’s

(Hijos de los 80)

Graphic Novel

  • Published: 04/09/2014
  • ISBN: 9788490622339
  • 96 pages

This engaging graphic novel is a humorous portrayal of the generation born in the eighties that combines creativity and irony at its best. The novel is focused on such important topics as childhood, precariousness, urban culture, sex, politics, and many more. Readers who have lived in the eighties will be able to recognize personalities, trends and events that marked a decade.

About the author

His comic strips on current events have also appeared in numerous local and national pub-lications, including Més Sabadell and El JuevesHis book Hijos de los 80 won the III Award of Tira Còmica Més Jove.