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Sandra Barneda
They Will Talk about Us

(Hablarán de nosotras)

Biographies and Personalities

  • Published: 17/11/2016
  • ISBN: 9788403503748
  • 568 pages

A fascinating journey through a vision of history featuring women who glimpsed, in sin, an opportunity for freedom. Writer and journalist, Sandra Barneda travels deep into the realms of sin to reflect on the idea that women have always, throughout history, been linked to sinning. She analyzes the seven deadly sins and presents, in each case, seven women accused by history of being sinners, in order to elucidate whether they actually were or whether that was a survival tactic. Perhaps now, after reading this book, these women will end up being considered models of virtue.

About the author

SPAIN – Sandra Barneda (Barcelona, 1975) earned a degree in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). She is one of the faces of Mediaset España and has hosted several television programs. She has worked on De buena ley, La noria¸ El gran debate, Un tiempo nuevo and Hable con ellas. Her first novel Reír al viento (Suma, 2013), sold more than 60,000 copies and was highly praised by critics and readers. Her second novel, La tierra de las mujeres (Suma 2014), has sold over 30,000 copies.



La tierra de las mujeres (Suma, 2014) and Reír al viento (Suma, 2013)