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María Murnau / Helen Sotillo
Feminism Illustrated

(Feminismo ilustrado)

Children and Young Adult

  • Published: 16/11/2017
  • ISBN: 9788490438404
  • 144 pages

Now we know that we should all be feminists. Feminist Illustrated gives you the definitive arguments to convince your male friends with illustrations and lots of humor.
Feminazi, patriarchy, gender gap, double working day, cisgender… You’ve surely heard these terms, but do you know what they actually mean? Feminist Illustrated explains the basic concepts of the feminist fight, takes apart the false arguments against feminism, and invites you to recognize sexism of all shapes and sizes; how to protect yourself against it and turn the conversation around.

About the author

María Murnau and  Helen Sotillo. Everything these girls share spreads like wildfire. Their more than 100,000 Facebook, 41,000 Instagram and 12,000 Twitter followers are proof that the language they use, as well as the message that they broadcast, sparks a lot of interest.