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Guillermo Ferrara
Eve's Secret

(El secreto de Eva)

Commercial Fiction / Inspirational Novel

  • Published: 08/07/2013
  • ISBN: 9786071126184
  • 416 pages

The second installment of the trilogy is based on extensive research, journalistic information and a spiritual vision. Through its protagonists, readers will learn about ancestral knowledge, the laws of energy and quantum physics, our connection to the stars, DNA activation and the higher dimensions. All while traveling the streets of London, the pyramids of Egypt, the temple of Apollo and other enigmatic places around the planet, which hold a power that is today activated inside human beings.

About the author

Guillermo Ferrara is a therapist, philosopher, and author of 22 books, which have been translated into English, Greek, German, French, Chinese, Serbian, Russian, and Portuguese. A scholar of ancient civilizations and ancestral cultures, specialized in holistic philosophy and transpersonal psychology.