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The Capsule Wardrobe Method

(El método armario cápsula)

Children and Young Adult / Non-Fiction

  • Published: 12/04/2017
  • ISBN: 9788490437810
  • 192 pages

Learn how to dress like a fashion blogger with only 40 pieces of clothing using the Capsule Wardrobe method.

Saray Martin, better known in the blogosphere as Dansvogue, presents the capsule wardrobe method. This system consists of creating a mini-wardrobe made up of only 40 really versatile, long-lasting and stylish pieces of clothing (including coats, shoes and accessories). The method is bit by bit making a lasting impact on fashion Youtubers, bloggers and influencers.
Based on the author’s own experience with this method, and designed as a very interactive and visual guide, this book includes tricks, advice, insider anecdotes about the fashion blogging world and cartoons, drawn by the author herself, that explain every  of the method.

About the author


Saray Martín is an illustrator and content creator. Her curiousity, love of comunication, photography, design and life itself encouraged her to start her blog DANSVOGUE in 2008 to express her creativity and her vision on fashion and art. Since then, she hasn’t stopped sharing what most inspires and excites her with her big community of followers. Saray writes about fashion, trends, travel and lifestyle and also illustrates her anecdotes from everyday life in her little cartoons.

You can find her at, on Instagram @dansvogue and her YouTube channel dansvogue.

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