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Gisela Leal
The Marvelous and Tragic Art of Dying out of Love

(El maravilloso y trágico arte de morir de amor (Mapa de las lenguas))

Literary Fiction

  • Published: 17/06/2015
  • ISBN: 9788420403694
  • 576 pages

Balbina and Nicolás have never met in person, but they have developed a friendship over the phone, each of them taking turns to tell their story of heartbreak. El maravilloso y trágico arte de morir de amor is a wild, raving portrait of great hopes, of broken promises, of wanting to take on the world and failing, all revolving around love and its possible impossibility. Filled with references to literature, music and fashion, this novel depicts how sexuallyliberated individuals have fun, fall in love and suffer through breakups. Its powerful, unforgettable characters prove that friendship is stronger than love.

About the author

Gisela Leal has published the novel El Club de los Abandonados. Her short stories have appeared in the Spanish magazine Eñe and the Mexican P Magazine. This novel has been selected as one of the Latin American titles for the “Mapa de las Lenguas” initiative to promote Latin American literature in Spain.