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Marian Izaguirre
The Sleeping Lion

(El león dormido)

Literary Fiction

  • Published: 04/06/2015
  • ISBN: 9788426402318
  • 408 pages

Pablo Ferrer —a journalist on his last legs who has just been through a breakup— finally accepts a job he had been avoiding for a while: meeting with an old woman who claims to have some new information on the disastrous Battle of Annual, a Spanish defeat in the Rif region of Morocco, led by Abd El Krim in July 1921. The woman, Lucía Osman, who was sold by her father to a brothel when barely past her girlhood and was captured shortly afterwards by the Riffians, holds the keys to a shameful, never-before-told secret in her own story. “Time has passed, the world has changed, but deep down I am still that little mixed-race girl they sold to a brothel in Melilla for a wad of dirty banknotes...”

About the author

SPAIN – Marian Izaguirre (Bilbao) is an author whose success has been proven by her sales and recognized with numerous awards. Some of her novels have been published in Germany, Brazil, France, The Netherlands, Italy, Poland, Portugal, the Czech Republic, and Turkey, besides Spain and Latin America.

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