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Zaryn Dentzel
You Choose Your Own Future

(El futuro lo decides tú)

Business & Economics / Commercial Non-Fiction

  • Published: 23/05/2013
  • ISBN: 9788415431565
  • 168 pages

Before turning 30, Zaryn Dentzel sold his company to Telefónica for 70 million euros. Get to know the story and secrets behind his success. This book narrates the story of the success of a group of people who created a company, Tuenti, and how a start-up by four very young friends full of ideas and projects ended up being a company with a team of over 250 employees.

About the author

Zaryn Dentzel is the founder and CEO of Tuenti, the biggest communication and mobile platform in Spain. Since he started working on the creation of Tuenti in 2006, Zaryn has turned the company into a leading multiplatform social network with over 15 million users registered.