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Eugenia Rico
Kangaroo Kiss

(El beso del canguro)

Commercial Fiction / Women's Fiction

  • Published: 14/04/2016
  • ISBN: 9788483654446
  • 192 pages

Eugenia Rico captivates readers again, with this new novel that masterfully updates and revitalizes the picaresque genre. Roguish Lázaro is a sexual slave, waiter and drug dealer. He travels through Spain after Franco’s death, with a real hunger, amid promiscuity and tenderness, amid hashish, construction, whores, gangsters and corrupt politicians, fighting to keep himself from becoming abusive like his father and trying to free himself from the curse that plagues him.  Fun and philosophical, crude and sensual but filled with poetry, you’ll enjoy getting swept up in this homage to Lazarillo de Tormes that is also a tribute to Literature, with a capital L.  

About the author

Eugenia Rico has published La muerte blanca (2002 Azorín Prize), El otoño alemán (2006 Atheneum of Seville Prize), El camino del diablo (2014 Llanes Travel Award). She received the Valle-Inclán Grant from the Real Academia de España.