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Lucía Etxebarria
God Has No Free Time

(Dios no tiene tiempo libre)

Commercial Fiction / Women's Fiction

  • Published: 09/04/2015
  • ISBN: 9788483653210
  • 400 pages

Elena is a fifty-something woman who’s dying of leukemia. Her cousin Alexia manages to hire her ex-boyfriend, an out-of-work actor named David Arias, to spend a few days in the hospital keeping her company. Elena and David reminisce about various aspects of their past: their relationship, their failed marriages and the opportunities life is still offering them now, in their fifties. But sometimes we prefer to look back on a less painful version of the past and we end up sugarcoating things. And sometimes, when the past comes back, it almost seems like the future. No one in this novel is who they are pretending to be.

About the author

Lucía Etxebarria has written novels, short stories, film scripts, children’s books, and feminist, literary and political essays. She has won the Nadal Prize, the Primavera, the Planeta, the Barcarola Poetry Award and the Lazio Prize for best foreign novel. The Le Figaro cultural supplement named her “the most powerful Spanish voice of her generation.”.

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