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Juan Sebastián Gaviria
Explicit content. An American trilogy

(Contenido explícito. Una trilogía americana)

Literary Fiction

  • Published: 01/01/2017
  • ISBN: 9789588979366
  • 476 pages

When violence, humor, squalor and love unite to provide an idea—as sincere as it is harsh—of the place a man occupies in the modern world   A motorcycle trip to Alaska turned into an epic journey through the American continent and a daring literary project: three short novels that unreservedly examine US culture, illuminating its most complex and obscure aspects. Shotgun Zen, a devastating portrait of a young peasant fleeing justice along with his autistic brother who, one fine day, axed their parents to death. Mojave Flowers follows in the footsteps of a thug sent by the Catholic Legion of Decency to recover a compromising script in 1930s Hollywood, where censorship and debauchery duke it out for control of the streets. The Future, portraits a motorcycle racer who risks his life and his sanity in a desperate search for glory, at the brutal racetracks.

About the author

Juan Sebastián Gaviria was expelled from an American military academy at the age of 17. His years as a wanderer in South American highways are registered in more than 700 poems compiled in Cicatriz souvenir. At the age of 23 he embarked on a motorbike journey to Alaska which would turn into a cruise throughout the Americas, as told in his autobiographical novel Brújulas rotas.