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Diana Al Azem


Commercial Fiction / Women's Fiction

  • Published: 10/03/2016
  • ISBN: 9788483658666
  • 320 pages

Sam Lawson, the son of famous plastic surgeons, lives in a mansion in Sydney and is used to being surrounded by luxury and beauty. He has just finished university and is working at his parents’ clinic. But something happens that changes his life completely and he decides to travel to Syria as a volunteer. There he discovers the horrors of war, but he also meets Nour, a lovely young Syrian woman. Sam tries to save Nour and her family, but getting them to a safe country does not prove easy. Cardamomo is a love story that makes us reflect on war, humanity, and love for the more vulnerable among us.

About the author

Diana Al Azem has published Escondidos entre aulas, which reached number 1 in downloads on Amazon’s digital platform. In 2013 she published Evadne, la sirena perdida, the first installment in a three-book saga. The second novel in the trilogy, Evadne y el valle de las gorgonas was published in 2014.

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