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Julián Herbert
Tomb Song

(Canción de tumba)

Literary Fiction

  • Published: 17/11/2011
  • ISBN: 9788439725602
  • 208 pages

Guadalupe Chávez is a prostitute who heads towardher death, falling prey to leukemia. Guadalupe’sillness forces her son into an autobiographicalexercise that will lead him to dive into his childhoodmemories and to give shape to his youth, whileinvestigating his intense and complex relationshipwith his mother, his own children and his country,Mexico, devastated by corruption, violence anddestruction.

About the author

Julián Herbert is a member of the National System of Creators and he won the 27th Premio de Novela Jaén. He is the author of the novel Canción de tumba, the story collection Cocaína (Manual de usuario), a non-fiction book on poetry and several volumes of poems. Some of his stories and poems have been translated into French, English, Portuguese, German, Catalan and Arabic.

Rights sold

  • UK & US: Graywolf Press
  • Italy: Gran Via Edizioni
  • Brazil: Editora Bateia
  • France: 13 Note