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María Moreno
Black out

(Black out)

Literary Fiction

  • Published: 01/11/2016
  • ISBN: 9789873987434
  • 416 pages

  According to The NY Times, it is one of the 10 books that marked 2016. An exquisite, irreverent, tragic and stunning ethyl autobiography set in the bohemian 60s & 70s.     Black out combines genres, managing to be at once a novel, a chronicle, a memoir, a portrait of an era, an essay, a personal diary, and a scientific registry. María creates a sharp and compassionate depiction of the passage from her family home to the bar with friends, from her bookworm adolescence to coming into her own as a journalist, and from gin to whiskey.   In the sixties and seventies, the selective circle of journalists and writers in Buenos Aires gathered in bars, where the conversations were literary, political, philosophical and even sexual discussions. There they shared drinks with the regulars until dawn, and then had a few more in the morning to help with their hangovers.

About the author

ARGENTINA – María Moreno (Buenos Aires) is a journalist, prose writer and cultural critic, whose texts are published and circulated in every Spanish-speaking country. She is recognized as one of the most original and essential voices in contemporary Spanish prose.