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Óscar García Blesa
Alejandro Sanz. Live

(Alejandro Sanz. #VIVE)


  • Published: 23/11/2017
  • ISBN: 9788403518063
  • 608 pages

Alejandro Sanz has topped the charts ever since his first album in 1991. Ever since, all of his albums have been amongst music’s top talking points of the year.
This book delves into the origins of his album Más (More) – the highest selling album in the history of Spanish music – and acts as a biography through contributions from the Madrid artist’s inner circle. Family members, friends, other artists, politicians, sports stars and other key people in Sanz’ life offer their own reflections and trace his music scene across various generations.

About the author

Óscar García Blesa is a music expert with more than 20 years of experience working in Spanish multinationals. He was in charge of RCA Records and was the marketing director for Warner Music. In the last few years, he has concentrated on the digital sector, launching the streaming service Napster in Spain. He has also taught marketing (geared towards the music industry) for several years. He has worked with artists such as Alejandro Sanz, The Strokes, Santana and Green Day among others.