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Javier Argüello
About Majorana

(A propósito de Majorana)

Literary Fiction

  • Published: 26/03/2015
  • ISBN: 9788439729303
  • 336 pages

After a series of discoveries, complications, andcatastrophes, Ernesto Aguilar, an Argentineanjournalist, will find himself following the stepsof Ettore Majorana and jumping off a ferryboatjust to realize that nothing is ever what it seems.A literary thriller that combines crime andsupernatural elements in a circular exploration ofthe disappearance of the Italian physicist EttoreMajorana.

About the author

Javier Argüello has collaborated with thenewspaper El País, he has coordinated severalpoetry anthologies, and he’s a teacher at theliterary school Ateneu Barcelonès. His previousworks were published in France and Italy.

Rights sold

  • Macadeonia: Bata Press
  • Italy: Voland