Elísabet Benavent

Valeria in the Mirror
(Valeria en el espejo (Saga Valeria 2))

Commercial Fiction


ISBN: 9788490628997

The second installment of the series Valeria.

Valeria is immersed in a whirlwind of emotions. Valeria just published her first novel, and is afraid of what reviewers will say about it. Valeria is divorcing Adrián, and it’s not easy. Valeria doesn’t know if she wants to have a relationship with Víctor. And while Valeria worries, cries, enjoys, dreams of the future… Lola doesn’t know what to do about Sergio. She feels lonely… Carmen has quit her job, and is struggling to understand Borja, her boyfriend and former colleague… And Nerea has been waking up every morning feeling nauseous.

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