Sara Fratini

Martina and Her Monster
(Una tal Martina y su monstruo)

Graphic Novel

Publish date: 05-02-2016

ISBN: 9788426403582

The day-to-day life of Martina Rossetto, a pudgy young woman who is more than happy with her body.

Martina Rossetto is a young freelance photographer who is very pleased with her curves, her wild hair and the company of her little domesticated monster. Martina always wears red lipstick; she dances, does yoga and, sometimes, she goes a little wild. In this book she talks about feminism, the fascinating world of the freelancer, about girlfriends, and about love, all with her own special style. Sara Fratini has created a character who, with seemingly simple depth, teaches us how to tame those fears that are holding us back.

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